I miss my boyfriend I miss my boyfriend I miss my boyfriend



I have 5 more months before my baby boy gets here….in a way I’m super excited to meet him although I will always wish that I waited a little longer. I’m also very terrified of the pain I’ll have to endure. I pray I don’t have to get a C- Section and I pray my baby is not premature.
My 1st Trimester was scary to the point where I never knew if I’d be okay but The Lord allowed me to go through it and strengthen me every time I cried over that toilet or sink, vomiting everything I had in me. I lost like 30 or so pounds and was in the hospital a total of 4 times so they could give me fluids through an IV.
Anyways I just needed to vent because I’m so grateful to have gotten past the 1st trimester and be in the beginning of my 2nd. I continue to be thankful to hear my child’s heartbeat at my doctor appointments, & just pray for the health of my baby for the next 5 months ❤️😁